snowmelt systems

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The Boilers Guys can install a snow melting system for you. Enjoy all these benefits:

  • Have safe access to pathways, heated driveways and point of entry
  • Have a stress free winter
  • Melt snow easier and faster in difficult locations
  • Prevent damage to driveway, concrete, from corrosive salts
  • Eliminate harmful chemicals and free up emergency entries
  • Achieve a clean look
  • Lay down architectural sidewalks and driveways without the worry of damaging snow plow blades or salts
  • Protect the environment and garden around the area
  • Low operating costs

Use a high efficient boiler to clear ice and snow off your sidewalks, for heated driveways, cleaner and healthier for the environment than the average snow plow and snow blower.

To be cost effective, a snowmelt system is usually installed during the renovations of a house before the driveway. Snow melting system is only on when it senses snow saving you energy.


At The Boiler Guys, we use snow melt sensors with exceptional features to include settings for boiler staging, cold weather shutdown, warm weather shutdown, home and away functions, remote operation i.e from your tablet, and driveway – sidewalk zoning possibilities.

Featured in HPAC Magazine for our snowmelt jobs ins British Columbia, Forest Hill, and the Beaches in Toronto.



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