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At The Boiler Guys, we can show you how to take advantages of a High Velocity Air Conditioner System, here’s how…

  • Even distributes air more effectively
  • No cold or warm spots, no drafts and up to 30% of humidity is removed over conventional air systems
  • Flexible tubing instead of ductwork
  • No leaky ductwork
  • Easy to run without bulkheads
  • Clean, elegant look
SpacePak actively circulates air within the room eliminating hot spots, cold spots and drafts. Traditional air conditioning units nearly dumps cold air into one corner of the room making the room uneven temperature. SpacePak can remove up to 30% more humidity than a traditional non efficient air conditioner.
SpacePak requires much less renovation than with a traditional air conditioner. SpacePak can be installed into a new construction or an existing structure or be retrofitted.
The answer is virtually anywhere. SpacePak has small ducts and is flexible tubing to distribute the air instead of bulky sheet metal ductwork.

This tubing is seamless, and saves on energy unlike leaks found in sheet metal. SpacePak is flexible, so passages have no corners to accumulate dust, pollen, or mold. The tubing’s narrow diameter allows it to be placed in the spaces behind walls, floors, and ceilings: it can be installed with virtually no disruption to livable space, nor to interior architectural features.


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