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In-floor heating is the world’s most comfortable and efficient heating.

Depending on the structure of your home or the renovation there are several options to choose from for heated floors

. At The Boiler Guys, we provide all solutions to help get the job done.

When considering an infloor system, you can choose from the following options. These are the three main option however there are variations of each option that can be discussed for your particular application. We are experts and there is nothing we haven’t seen.

Staple Down

Heating pipes stapled to the subfloor and covered in a light weight concrete that provides greater efficiency through thermal mass and comfort to your home. This application is usually chosen during the renovation phase to allow for proper engineering of the home structure.

Staple Up

Tubing stapled to the underside of the subfloor between the joists. We then add a R12 insulation between the joists with a 2-4 inch air gap between the underside of the subfloor and the insulation. This allows the heating to equally heat the space. The heat then rises to the floor evenly. Although not as efficient as a staple down system, it is very effective and widely used.



RAUPANEL radiant heating systems may be installed to a wood subfloor over joists, a wood subfloor over a slab, to wall studs and ceiling joists, and directly over an existing slab. The system is easy to design and install around special conditions in order to optimize thermal comfort and increase energy efficiency. RAUPANEL may be installed during new construction or as a retrofit system.



As homeowners have become increasingly aware of the importance of energy-efficient building practices and products, especially upon feeling the effects of rising energy costs, more and more energy-efficient products are being integrated into residential new construction and renovation.


RAUPANEL system from REHAU allows you not only to run the most efficient system in you house but you’ll be doing that without adding major extra loads to your structure as RAUPANEL adds only 1.5 lb/ft2 (compare to 13-18 lb/ft2 for an overpour). Composed majority of aluminum panels RAUPANEL is also highly responsive and allows you to heat the room fast without the risk of overheating.

RAUPANEL can be installed in any configuration in new or existing buildings without compromising the existing structure.

RadiantPERT™ Snow Melting Solutions

• RadiantPERT is certified to ASTM F2623 for Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) SDR 9 Tubing by NSF and CSA. This standard includes requirements and testing methods for materials, workmanship, dimensions, sustained hydrostatic pressure strength, and bend strength. RadiantPERT meets or exceeds these standards.


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