We found The Boiler Guys through a friend who recently completed a renovation. When we toured his house the utility room reminded me of the engineering suite on The Enterprise. It was meticulously organized and thoughtfully planned. You could tell there was care put into the job. So when we met with Alex to discuss what could be done on our upcoming renovation we were pretty confident he would do a good job, but I have to say, he did a great job. He really was wonderful to work with all the way through a long renovation.

As is the case in all renovations, the project evolved and so did the needs of our home. Alex was always flexible and price conscious for us. He worked hard to help us find the right fit for our home and budget. He answered our questions and was always available to help guide us through the process. I wouldn’t think twice to recommend the Boiler Guys and can’t wait to get the manual (or Alex’s famous binder) to our own Enterprise this summer. Thanks again for your help guys!

Sincerely, S Lazarou‎, Toronto, ON

“We are so pleased with the entire experience with the Boiler Guys. Firstly, I called you guys on a Friday at 420pm and actually got a live person answering the phone. Secondly, one of your technicians were able to come the very next day. Thirdly, we had the pleasure of meeting Alex. What a sweet knowledgeable gentle guy who took the time to explain everything that we had going on with our existing system in great detail. This was the first time that anyone was able to properly diagnose what we had going on. Alex doesn’t know this but he was the 4th person we had in to look at our system. Alex then took the time to explain what a new boiler system could do for us and the different options available to us. He was patient, he wasn’t pushy or intimidating.

After Alex left we discussed how we were going to move forward and decided on the option that Alex presented. We had set up a date for install in two weeks. Well, the expected happened and our hot water tank started leaking.

A few days later we emailed the Boiler Guys and was able to arrange for a sooner install date. Two days later Alex was at our house on a Sunday morning taking care of business. After two long days the system was finally up and running. Fifthly, Alex took his time and explained the system to us along with the warranty and how our system could be hooked up to our existing furnace and possibly solar panels.

So from start to finish it was a very positive experience with Alex and The Boiler Guys!

I would highly recommend Alex and the Boiler Guys to anyone looking for this type of product. The fact that the boiler we had installed is Canadian made is an added bonus.

Thanks Alex and the Boiler Guys”

Matt and Michelle, Barrie, ON.

“I contacted The Boiler Guys and Alex replied immediately; our home has a boiler system with radiators (not a forced-air furnace) and once I described the required work to be conducted which included the installation of a radiator in our home, Alex requested a photo and provided a very reasonable quote to complete the work. Once on site, he diligently conducted the work and inspected the other radiators in the home to ensure that they were functioning properly. He was available to conduct the work in the evening and while on site, he discovered a minor deficiency in the boiler which he quickly corrected at no extra charge (I had this same boiler inspected two months prior to Alex’s visit and that firm did not thoroughly complete the inspection). There were no extra charges or hidden fees and the work was conducted in a professional manner at a very reasonable cost, especially for the time spent on site by the technician. I will only be using this firm for HVAC work going forward. Thank you Alex for the great service!”

Customer on HomeStars Review

“ The Boiler Guys are the experts. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks Alex and Valerie for help with my boiler.”

Heather, Hamilton, ON

“I recommend The Boiler Guys to everyone. Once you discover The Boiler Guys work, you will realize the difference out there.

I own several properties. I had another company come to service one of my properties and I literally watched as they vacuumed the bottom of my boiler and left and charged me 200.00. I had The Boiler Guys do the exact same thing at another property, they completely took apart the boiler, and used long brushes to clean the inside, vacuumed it all up and used an air compressor to blow it out completely clean. That’s a proper boiler cleaning. I can’t believe I have been paying other companies fake services for years. I will never use the other companies again. Boiler Guys all the way”.

Ali, Toronto

“I had allergies and I’m a Doctor. Alex suggested a UV light filter. He was right my allergies are gone he was the only one that gave a solution after called around. I called him after being referred even though I didn’t have a boiler I was told The Boiler Guys would know what to do!”

Olaf, Toronto, Ontario

Very responsive installers, I had some radiators relocated. The summer went by and I had lost the radiator key to bleed the rads, so I called The Boiler Guys and they stopped by that evening and gave me another set of keys just so I’d have extra ones around. ”

Ben, Oakville, Ontario

“I’m a single mother and I thank these guys every time I turn on the hot water. Three other companies charged me so much money and couldn’t fix the issue with my boiler/water heater. The Boiler Guys came and heard the vibration that my tankless was causing and in less than a minute determined that my venting was loose and causing exhaust air to mix with fresh air. He had everything fixed that hour. The Boiler Guys are very professional and clean.”

Melissa, Ajax, Ontario

“The Boiler Guys showed me what a real boiler cleaning entails. I didn’t know you actually take the boiler apart and clean it inside. This was the most thorough cleaning I’ve seen. The Boiler Guys even showed me the video of inside and after. I’ll only have them touch my boiler”.

Mark- the Beaches, Ontario

I had The Boiler Guys come to look at my boiler. He was very polite and explained everything in plain English. They really are “the boiler guys”. I’ll never let just any heating company touch my system again after I’ve seen how it should be done! Great work and a true understanding of boilers.

Chris and Nancy, Toronto. Ontario

“Alex’s work is like a piece of art. New installations should be done by The Boiler Guys. Labels and all…wow. “

Brad, Bloor West area, Toronto

“I had towel warmers and warmboard installed. Great experience and The Boiler Guys are touch with you in every step of the process. I recommend him to all my friends”

Roy and Sara, Toronto, Ontario

“Alex helped me save money on my gas bill by switching just a few things. He’s truly a specialist. He knows his stuff when it comes to Boilers”.

Bert, Niagara, Ontario

“The Boiler Guys installed my steam humidifier. I didn’t know this existed. Other contractors told me that there is no such thing when I asked them and lead me to wrong information. The Boiler Guys are knowledgeable and good company you can trust.” The girls in the office are so helpful too.


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