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Top three questions you should know – Tekmar Boiler Controls

A study conducted by the MCEE found a range of savings from 5 to 25% when apartments with older boilers were retrofitted with Outdoor Temperature Reset and automatic Warm Weather Shut Down control.
If the boiler is used to generate domestic hot water, the tekmar control will temporarily operate the boiler at a higher temperature when the domestic tank requires heat. Once the tank target is satisfied, the control will lower the boiler temperature as required by Outdoor Temperature Reset.
With Outdoor Temperature Reset, energy will be saved whenever the outdoor temperature is above design temperature and space heating is required. When you add Indoor Temperature Feedback, energy will also be saved when heat is added to the building by people, appliances or the sun.

The Boiler Guys are trained Tekmar installation Control experts.

Tekmar can help set radiant floor thermostats using a home automation system.

  • Your home through touch screen design
  • Home automation through your mobile
  • Your radiant floor temperature
  • Zoning
  • Hidden sensors – remove all your thermostats from your wall and gain your walls back!
  • Monitor your air temperature in real time!
  • Save money and energy for landlords too! Great value for buildings also!

As Tekmar says it best – “Traditional thermostats designed for furnaces and forced air heating perform poorly when operating radiant floor heating systems. This is due to the long heat up times required to heat the floor. The result is that the floor temperature cycles up and down, thereby compromising indoor comfort”.


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