Boilers are the most efficient systems in the world that you can get for your home. Even a mid efficient boiler ends up being more efficient than a high efficient furnace because  of heating water vs hating the air.  Air holds no heat.  When you heat air, it cools instantly, this is why furnaces are inefficient.  Furnaces cost more to operate than a boiler.

Boiler vs. Furnace

A boiler heats water. Water holds heat much more than air does.  When the water is circulated through your radiators or infloor heating, it heats the home even when the boiler is off.  A furnace can only heat a home while it is running.

Boilers are quiet where as a furnace is loud.  A furnace forces air in every room.

Boilers are low maintenance, there are no filters to clean with a boiler system.

Boilers provide consistent heat, the temperature consistency is much better than any furnace.  Home with a furnace is not as comfortable, there are always rooms that are too cool or too hot because it is forced air.

Homes with boilers have better air quality.  Boiler systems don’t spread dust and allergens throughout your home the way forced air systems do.  They also do not dry out the air leaving you with a much more comfortable enviornment.

The Asthma Association recommends people with asthma and allergies to live in a house with a boiler system because it is more comfortable, less dust and less asthma attacks. People who have boilers in Toronto call The Boiler Guys to service their home, because The Boiler Guys are the experts when it comes to hydronic heating and radiant heating.


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