Please join Alex from The Boiler Guys and Special guest Mathew from Aquatech with host Iain Grant on Newstalk 1010AM Ask The Expert Show in Toronto!

Topics of discussion in the show include: - Which boiler is one of the best in the market and why? - What to look out for when choosing a boiler! - When to choose a HVAC contractor vs a Boiler Technician - How to pick the right contractor for boiler/radiant installations - Benefits of an [...]

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Green Furnace – The Game Changer in the Furnace Industry

This combi water heater and furnace from NTI is a cross-breed  of best practices from hydronics, tankless water heating and forced air heating.  If you have a furnace and want an efficiency of a boiler, space savings of a tankless and do not want to loose your ductwork, we have the right solution for you! [...]

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Have a custom heat request for your project? Call The Boiler Guys- we do custom heating

When the prestige home builders need to fullfill a unique request like a heated bench or a heated wall, they know who to call.  Call The Boiler Guys.  For custom installation experience with knowledge and qualification unique in the field,  people who know, Call The Boiler Guys!  Demand comfort, insist on the hydronic specialists!   [...]

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TIPS: Lets talk efficiency. If you missed this on Q107FM, here is your chance to listen to it here!

Lets talk efficiency.  The rest of the world uses boilers.  Want to save money? Want an efficient system especially with the gas bills increasing?  Use a boiler instead of a furnace.  Find out why and click on the play button.   Listen to this clip on Q107FM and AM 640!    

Stop wasting your money on hvac companies who don’t know boilers. Listen to a clip on Q107 FM on Boiler cleanings.

If you missed our Q107 FM and 640AM clip, now you listen to it here! If you heat your home with a boiler, its time to get your pre season cleaning.  Because The Boiler Guys are experts who know boilers!   Stop wasting your money on HVAC companies who don't specialize in boilers.  The Boiler Guys [...]

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