TIPS: Lets talk efficiency. If you missed this on Q107FM, here is your chance to listen to it here!

Lets talk efficiency.  The rest of the world uses boilers.  Want to save money? Want an efficient system especially with the gas bills increasing?  Use a boiler instead of a furnace.  Find out why and click on the play button.   Listen to this clip on Q107FM and AM 640!    

Spacepak System is the # 1 choice , A Hollywood Company Story

Spacepak is the #1 choice for many of our customers when it comes to choosing a high velocity AC system.  An interesting story of a Hollywood Company who installed a Spacepak system in the hot Tuscan Desert explains their experience. As per the article below, " Providing an efficient cooling system for a home in the desert [...]

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How to cool your home when you have a boiler system? Spacepak or Ductless

At The Boiler Guys we often get this question across our desk.  How do you cool a home when you a have a boiler and no ducts?  Make sure you call The Boiler Guys for the proper advice.  Many HVAC Technicans are not advanced enough in the hydronic field to give you the right solutions [...]