At The Boiler Guys we often get this question across our desk.  How do you cool a home when you a have a boiler and no ducts?  Make sure you call The Boiler Guys for the proper advice.  Many HVAC Technicans are not advanced enough in the hydronic field to give you the right solutions for your home.

Spacepak or Ductless

There are a few options, here are two:

  1.  High velocity systems are one of the best systems you can get in the market today, especially Spacepak.  Spacepak is the original products in the market.  When installed correctly, they are one of the quietest and most efficient systems.  It is approx. 30% more efficient than a traditional ducted air conditioning unit. These system are aesthetically appealing especially in a high ceiling home, custom home, large spaces or modern home.  Imagine pot lights in the ceiling, except for lights it is cooling.  For more information on how it looks, visit
  2. Ductless systems is another option you can use to cool your home.  These are wall mounted units.  They are efficient and very quiet.  The advantage is that you only cool the room you want to cool.  For more information call us at 1-888-563-1515 and visit us at