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Reliable, Efficient Snow Melting

Here are some Snow Melting Benefits and a preview of Tekmar controls for your system.  Imagine a heated driveway and worry free of shoveling the snow.  Enjoy  luxury heating benefits with us at The Boiler Guys! Visit us at for more information.

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TIPS: Lets talk efficiency. If you missed this on Q107FM, here is your chance to listen to it here!

Lets talk efficiency.  The rest of the world uses boilers.  Want to save money? Want an efficient system especially with the gas bills increasing?  Use a boiler instead of a furnace.  Find out why and click on the play button.   Listen to this clip on Q107FM and AM 640!    

Top 10 benefits of having a boiler and hydronic radiant system in your home.

Hydronic radiant heating systems are the best systems you can install in your home. It is more expensive than a forced air system however a hydronic heating system when installed correctly has many advantages.  Let us share with you why hydronic systems are better than any forced air system.   Hydronic Heating is Comfortable - [...]

Why Installing A Snow Melt System Is A Good Idea?

A snow melt project works on the simple concept that works on input of heat energy for melting of ice or snow to provide safe passage to the people. Unlike mechanical snow removal and snow melting salts, it does not cause any damage to the pathways and landscaping. The designing of this system includes a [...]

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