Hydronic radiant heating systems are the best systems you can install in your home. It is more expensive than a forced air system however a hydronic heating system when installed correctly has many advantages.  Let us share with you why hydronic systems are better than any forced air system.


  1. Hydronic Heating is Comfortable – Hydronic radiant heating is by far the most comfortable system in the market.  There are no cold drafts, hot attics or cold basements with a radiant system.  It is even heat everywhere.


  1. Zoning– You have the option of zoning temperature in your home and controlling it through the use of multiple zones saving you costs. A forced air system will not allow you to do this.


  1. Healthy – A traditional forced air system moves around dust and allergens in your home. Those with asthma will benefit from a radiant system.   A healthy home is a radiant heating home.  Hydronic heating systems heats your home with water therefore it is a healthier environment.


  1. Infloor heating – Imagine the luxury of having a warm floor. Warm kitchen tiles and warm bathroom floor in the morning.  It is comforting and it feels good.  Once you go with an infloor heating system, it is unlikely you will every go back to a forced air system.


  1. Humidity – A hydronic heating system does not dry your home.  A traditional forced air system dries out the air especially in the winter.


  1. Efficient – A hydronic heating system is much more efficient than a forced air system. Any mid efficient boiler is more efficient than a high efficient furnace. Although a hydronic radiant system is more expensive to install in upfront costs, the comfort and savings in the long term will save you in the end.  Hydronic heat is more efficient than traditional air heating for many reasons. Water holds more heat than air does.  As soon as air is heated it cools quickly therefore your furnace turns off and on all day long.  With a boiler system it does not.





  1. Quiet– Enjoy comfortable heating quietly and safely with design flexibility to save you space.  There are no draft noises, or sounds of units banging or kicking.


  1. Versatile – A radiant heating system is versatile and you have many options with a boiler and hydronic system unlike a forced air system. You can zone your home, add radiators, towel warmers, snowmelts system and more.  With a traditional furnace you cannot.



  1. Snowmelt – With a radiant heating system, you can add a snowmelting or a heated driveway option. With a traditional furnace you cannot do this.  With  Tekmar controls, we can help you choose the right product application lines to suit your needs.  Tekmar snow melting controls calculate the lowest effective melting temperature by monitoring actual conditions.  For more information on this, visit https://www.theboilerguys.com/snowmelt-systems-toronto/


  1. Towel warmers and radiators – With a radiant system, you can add luxury towel warmers in your bathroom and modern radiators. Many of our customers that have older homes are refurbishing their radiators or upgrading their existing radiators to the new style modern radiators. It has become an art deco piece in their home.  To see different radiator styles, check out https://www.theboilerguys.com/radiators-toronto/