A snow melt project works on the simple concept that works on input of heat energy for melting of ice or snow to provide safe passage to the people. Unlike mechanical snow removal and snow melting salts, it does not cause any damage to the pathways and landscaping. The designing of this system includes a careful assessment of intended construction area, layout of the property, and passage of melted snow. The automated snow melting systems are often touted to be a luxury addition to a home. But, they are an intelligent investment that pays off in the longer run. There are many factors that ensure an improved ROI from these systems. Here is the breakdown of these factors to simplify them.


Low Operating Costs:

The costs of operating snowmelt system are absolutely low as compared to the costs of maintaining and cleaning the snow manually. You can install intelligent sensors that turn on automatically when the system senses the snow. These sensors are integrated with exceptional features like cold weather shutdown, boiler staging, hot weather shutdown, and remote operation through a mobile device. You needn’t worry about the snowfall during the winter when you have this system installed in the driveways and pathways.

Long-Term Returns:

There is a huge one-time investment in a snow melt project. But, these costs can be realized in the long run. The manual snow removal has much higher annual charges as compared to the annual operating expenses of this system. It will completely leverage your initial investments in a period of 7-8 months and you will enjoy substantial cost savings from there on.

Saves the Environment and Landscaping:

The traditional methods of snow removal rely on the usage of salts and harsh chemicals. The salts can cause abrasions on your expensive architectural pathways and sidewalks. Also, when the snow melts and turns into water, this water contains the harmful chemicals and salts that are transmitted to the surrounding environment. As a result, you can witness dead plants in your backyard and nearby areas. On the other hand, a snowmelt system eliminates the use of harsh and expensive chemicals. Thus, it protects your money and environment.

Preserves the Expensive Aesthetics:

The aesthetics and lifetime of a pavement can be completely ruined by traditional methods using erosive materials and thermal shocks for snow removal. Moreover, the salts and chemicals in the outdoors can enter your home through inbound traffic leading to the damage of interior flooring made from the high-quality materials. You can ensure the installation of safety features in the snow-prone areas of your property and prevent liability risk by installing a snow melting system.

There are many variables affecting the ROI of a snowmelt project. However, the points mentioned above can largely shorten this timeframe.