At The Boiler Guys we have helped many customers with ensuring they have the necessary documents for permits for their renovation project.  A proper heat loss calculation, loop layout with our team of top hydronic experts in the industry are at your fingertips!

Often times our customers have their designs completed but come to find out that the  hydronics background was missing in their initial thought process. Having drawings done with a hydronic expert can save you thousands of dollars and grief.  If you have an engineer or HVAC designer who specializes in forced air systems,  this may not be your recommended choice.   Beware of the offshore low price one off deals for a design over the internet.  Usually a design is not thought out carefully in these circumstances.

infloor drawing


There are many choices of heating systems in the market.  A hydronic specialist/contractor can equipped you with the right information in the beginning of your project that others may not know about.  For example, how to pipe certain things, what is necessary, the do’s and don’ts, how to zone certain areas, which equipment to use and not use, which pumps are necessary to save you money, understanding flow etc.   It is wise to have a consultation with a hydronic contractor not just any hvac contractor in the beginning of your project.  Get this done right after you get your architectural drawings completed.

Furnaces are not like boilers. To generalize furnaces and boilers in one category is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make.  Boilers are much more advanced, technical and there is alot more experience that is required to do a job especially a renovation project that involve radiant systems.  Choose hydronic experts and not just any hvac contractor even though they may say they know boilers.

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