Thinking about renovating your bathroom?  Consider a luxury towel warmer!

Imagine a warm towel after a shower or bath.  A towel warmer can also act like a radiator for supplemental heat even if you have infloor-heating.  The towel warmers are also known as towel rails or towel bars.



There are many towel warmers to choose from in the market.  Whether you choose chrome or white here are two samples, For a catalog of different styles, visit





Enjoy the benefits of hydronic luxury towel warmer heating:

  • Dry towels faster;
  • Reduce mildew and odour;
  • Act as supplemental heat in your bathroom;
  • Dry swimwear;
  • Dry mitts and gloves in Winter;
  • Beautiful decor piece on the wall;
  • Great choice for space-constrained baths!

Hydronic vs Electric Towel  Warmer

An electric towel warmers operates independently from the heating system.  The more efficient option would be the hydronic towel warmer.  It is heated by water.  With an electric towel warmer you are paying for electricity and as soon as you turn it off it cools down.  The advantage of a water based system is that when you turn off the towel warmer the bars still stay warm because water doesn’t cool down so quickly.  It is just like a radiator, hot water runs through the towel warmer providing even warmth heating.

The Boiler Guys recommend  water radiant hydronic towel warmers.  Enjoy even heating and insist on comfort.  It is easy to install connected to  radiant-heating systems.   Call us today or visit us at